MadLab’s 6th Law of Gymmin: Coach Development

It’s time for Law #6. Check out the first 5 laws on the blog here!


First, a bit of background:

1. (In conjunction with a coach compensation model), coaches start at 0% revenue earned (when they’re learning and shadowing) and earn their way up to eventually earning 50% to 60% of the revenue they raise. 

2. This process going from junior apprentice to instructor coach should take between 2 and 3 years.

3. An established coach needs to generate $10k/month in gross revenue on his/her own. Top coaches in the MadLab Group generate $20k/month, and take home approximately $10k (market dependant).

Law #6 says:

Coaches are more likely to become full-time career coaches,

• who are invested in their clients,

• who generate revenue for the business, 

• and who earn a professional wage (upwards of $70,000) when they:

  1. Go through a 2 to 3 year educational program (including technical training, sales training and personal development training)
  2. Are properly mentored through the process by a senior coach
  3. Are treated like an entrepreneur within the business (see coach compensation model)
  4. Earn their way by building their own client book the same way a business owner does
  5. Are compensated on a percentage of revenue basis

MadLab’s PCDC (professional coach diploma program) is designed for exactly this purpose: To raise, knowledgeable, self-sufficient, full-time career coaches who want to have a lifelong career in the fitness, health and wellness industry.

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