MadLab’s 8th Law of Gymmin: Building a Sellable Asset and Retirement

Alas, MadLab’s 8th and final law of Gymmin: Building a sellable asset and retirement. Scroll through the other 7 laws here!


As a gym owner, you have two choices:

  1. You can create a hobby gym and a job for yourself—a business that will end whenever you decide to close the doors.
  2. Or you can build something to last multiple generations—a profitable business, and an asset you can sell one day so you can retire comfortably and leave a legacy.

If you’re interested in option 2, meaning you want to:

1. Build a real business with real profit that does not need the owner to be successful

2. Sell the gym to your top performers and management to retire, much like a law firm or engineering firm (5x profit + assets),

then here’s what’s you need to do:

1. Follow Laws 1 through 7, and you will:

Retain your clients,

Develop technically-sound, career coaches, who earn professional wages,

Build a financially profitable business (where youre making 15% profit each month) that you can:

Sell to your top coaches (5 x profit + assets)

Retire on

Leave a legacy for the next generation

We’re not saying it’s easy. But our 8 Laws of Gymmin, which are constantly evolving, are delivering potent results for gym owners around the world.

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