What it means to be a MadLab 3rd Seal Facility

The 3 levels are designed so owners can monitor their progress as they build their business to eventually become a Three Seal facility.

The ultimate business goals being:

  1. A sustainable business model and business plan
  2. Professional coach/trainer development
  3. Quality control — specific standards

We believe this is the best way to bring a level of standardization to the fitness industry, so clients, coaches and the business are all successful.

Last week we looked at what it means to be a MadLab 2nd Seal Facility, and the week before, a MadLab 1st Seal Facility. Today, we’re looking at 3rd Seal Facility requirements.

3rd seal requirements aren’t easy. In fact, there aren’t any MadLab gyms yet at this level. MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver is getting closer, though. They’re a provincially-accredited School of Fitness with an established coach diploma program, and they’re in the process of adding partner coaches as owners (much like how a law or engineering firm operates).


There are plenty of proud MadLab 1st Seal Facilities, though!

To become a 3rd Seal Facility, you need:

  1. To turn your gym into an ISO/state/provincially-approved School of Fitness (to ensure you’re truly a world-class training facility capable of raising professional coaches, and that your practices are proven)
  2. A firm charter in place to allow the next generation of coaches to become partners
  3. At least one partner coach (most likely it’s your top coach who will be the first to buy-in to the business)

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, and like you don’t know where to begin, that’s what the MadLab Group implementation team is for! We will help you become a 1st and then 2nd seal facility, and eventually 3rd—the ultimate goals being to professionalize the fitness training, and to help you build a financially profitable business that you, the owner, can sell to the next generation and leave a legacy.

Build your gym to last generations!


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