210 CrossFit

210 CrossFit


Steve Galvan is the owner of 210 CrossFit in San Antonio, Texas.

One year ago, he was working 60 hours a week. “I was the owner, the janitor…I was never getting ahead,” Galvan said.

He continued: “At the time, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing wrong, but it became evident that my biggest weakness is having a good heart for my employees, and I show them love with money, and I realized that was a fatal flaw.”

As altruistic as having a good heart might sound, as a business owner it’s no way to grow a sustainable business, and month after month, Galvan found his business struggling to make ends meat.

But finding the Madlab Group, Galvan discovered the power in making his employees earn it. Not only does this benefit his business, he has quickly learned it actually benefits his coaches, as well – especially in the long run.

“I was enlightened by the Madlab Group, realizing I needed to figure out how to make my coaches work for me,” he said.

That was a just a few months ago, but with this newfound attitude, Galvan has seen gains already.

“I met with all my coaches and let them know the new plan and the new vision – a vision that will actually let them make more money in the long-term, and prosper in the industry,” he said.

Then Galvan jumped right in, stripped his coaches from their salaries, assigned them to classes, and is giving them three months to build their clientele.

Currently, his coaches are making 75% of what they earn for personal training sales, and once they build their businesses some more, they know that percentage will be lowered. “We decided to give them a bit higher of a percentage because we took away their salaries and wanted to show them the benefit of what they can make through the free market,” he said.

So far, so good for Galvan’s crew.

“My mind is completely blown,” he said. “We took away their money and they worked harder. It was completely opposite of what you might think would happen.”

Instead, his coaches have been less complacent, and they’re hustling around to generate business.

Within the first month alone, 210 CrossFit picked up 15 new clients who all began personal training, and revenue went up $6,500 in the first month alone.

“This system actually makes it possible to pay a coach what they’re worth. Yes, you’re going to have to build your clientele and work hard for it, but you’ll get paid for it very well in the long run,” Galvan said.

He continued: “It has completely changed the way I think of the gym industry…I want people who are committed and have skin in the game…It’s fun watching my coaches when they train their clients now. It’s a completely different energy in the gym. I will never go back.”