No Guru's Here - Just Regular Gym Owners.

Everyone at Madlab wants the same thing - to professionalize the fitness industry.

We want to empower coaches to be professionals and teach business owners how to provide them with the chance to do so. 

We have the advantage of knowing what it's like to be in the same situations that we help other gym owners and coaches deal with every day.

The foundations in which Madlab were built weren't discovered overnight - it took years of wins and losses, along with trial and error, to learn what works and why it works.  

There are no gurus here, just experienced gym owners and coaches who want to help others succeed.


The Nine Laws.

Madlabs' nine laws are simple yet effective.

They ensure that the business owner is successful in their endeavours, but they also provide coaches with an opportunity to have a lifelong career in the fitness industry.

The nine laws also ensure that the members in your gym are always on the winning side by providing them with the best coaching and training possible.

When push comes to shove, understanding and implementing Madlabs' nine laws will take any fitness business to the next level.


Six KPI's.

Numbers rarely lie.

Madlabs' six KPIs ensure that the nine laws are being utilized and producing results.

Tracking the data and knowing your numbers is critical when it comes to running a successful business. Understanding trends, setting goals and constantly reevaluating what is working and what is not is easier when concrete information is available.


Our Flagship Gym.

How do we know the nine laws work?

How do we know that the six KPI's matter?

We have been using them and honing them for the past 17 years at our flagship gym, Madlab School of Fitness.

Having a facility that lives and breaths everything we preach is why and how we can give no-nonsense, real-life anecdotal examples of how we can help you change your life and change your business.

We aren't gurus; we are gym owners just like you.


Accredited Learning.

We train coaches to have a career not just as excellent coaches but as self-sufficient and motivated professionals. 

Our Professional Coach Development Program is accredited by the province of British Columbia, Canada. It is one of few programs that exist to educate coaches on how to have a career in the fitness industry that can pay them the same wage as a journeyman electrician. 



Audrey Patterson

Director - Implementation


Dai Manuel
Director - Marketing


Tom Sarosi
Director - Madlab School of Fitness


Derek Goff
Director - P.C.D.P


Dan McMeel

Implementaion Manager


Kelly Hansen

Education and
Administrative Assistant


Emily Beers
Content Creation


Craig Patterson

Founder and President


Madlab School of Fitness is regulated by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (PTIB). We develop business owners and coaches to be on par with experts in comparative fields like kinesiology, physiotherapy and chiropractic. Our Coaches Apprenticeship is an intensive program that teaches coaches not just about the body, but about the people that inhabit it, so they can work with people to help them be their best. 

To accomplish our mission of making people fitter for life, we also had to professionalize the fitness coach. Why? Because a highly educated, well-trained and experienced coach who’s training people as a career, not a hobby, has a much greater chance of helping people make a real change.

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Vancouver, BC Canada
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