Audrey Patterson

Director - Implementation

Audrey is all about face time. As the director of implementation, her job is to help prepare gym owners for any hiccup or hurdle that may come their way while also giving them tools to empower their coaches and build the best gym in town. 

“Getting gym owners to take control of their business and create something that will last for decades is something we need in the fitness industry.”

Audrey started as an apprentice at Madlab School of Fitness in 2012 and quickly found her groove.

“Having gone through the process of being an apprentice and being married to a gym owner really helps me understand how a gym works from both the coach and owner's perspective.”

Audrey stepped into the role of Implementation Manager for the Madlab Group in 2017 and immediately shifted her focus from coaching clients to coaching owners.

“On top of helping gym owners run a more efficient business, I want to help them live a vital and full life; A life where they can take four  weeks off worry-free and empower their staff and coaches to do the same!”

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