A proven business system to professionalize independent gym owners and coaches since 2004

It turns out that 100% integrity in everything you do somehow results in the best return on investment

We teach independent gym owners (IGO’s) how to

Retain 85% of your clients year after year, Develop professional coaches who earn $75k + a year and Make 20% Profit 

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Everyone needs a coach…

With industry data on over 1000 functional fitness and boutique gyms, and 150+ current members, Madlab is a proven gym business system that includes:

Step 1: Watch The Six 6KPI's Free Training

If it speaks LOUDLY to you then book a FREE Consultation.

Step 2: Book a FREE Consultation With The Founder of Madlab

Work through a step by step plan of action for your gym.

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Learn the skills and tactics our professional gyms use everyday.

1. The Formula for a Great Gym

Home to over 150+ online courses with dedicated sections for gym owners, coaches, and Marketing.

2. A Dedicated Implementation Manager

Unlimited 1-on-1 Implementation meetings. Why restrict your access? When you need help we’re here for you!

3. 12 Week Marketing Guide

Learn the skills and tactics to create, market and sell high-value programs.

It has to work for the coach, the owner and the client


After 10 years we’ve developed 8 laws every successful gym should follow

Learn about our 8 laws, how they help you create a profitable gym, retain clients for life and pay coaches a professional wage.


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