8 Laws Of Gymmin

sci·en·tif·ic meth·od


The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry is commonly based on empirical or measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning.


Madlab’s 8 Laws work!

We have spent the past 13 years of our lives on a 14-hour a day mission to build the best gym in the world. We have audited over 1,000 gyms, using the funnel as our basis for analysis.

We have been implementing the concepts that we have unearthed that work and have found better ways at better prescribing how to implement change. In fact to date we have invested over $1,000,000 building tools for owners to understand and properly implement the 8 laws.

Flat out – If you are 100% committed to the work……. They 8 laws work. 100% of the time.


The MadLab Business Model Works

We have spent the past 10 years of our lives on a 14-hour a day mission to build the best gym in the world. We have invested $250,000 of our own money, building tools and auditing 1,000 gyms, using the funnel as our basis for analysis.

We have been implementing the concepts that we have unearthed that work and have found better ways at better prescribing how to implement change.

Flat out – If you are 100% committed to the work……. They work. 100% of the time.

1) Do Personal Training

One-on-one or one-on-two for every person who comes in to your facility. Lay out physical benchmarks that each person must reach before they can begin group classes. Charge market rates in line with other personal trainers in your area. Personal training sessions should fall in a range between 12-20 sessions depending on the person’s fitness level. The quality control for this process alone will put you head and shoulders above all other gyms in your area.

2) Develop An Accredited Coach Diploma Program

The program should take coaches two years to complete; it should require due diligence and hard work, but the benefits will be enormous.

3) Don’t Pay Your Coaches By The Hour, Class or Salary

Pay them based on their ability to attract, retain and generate referrals from clients. Base compensation on the gross revenue they generate directly. This process allows coaches to earn professional wages between $5,000 – $10,000 per month and will double the box’s gross revenue.
The latter three rules alone will put you ahead of 95 % of all gyms in the world. Follow these rules and you will earn real profit, a professional wage for you and your coaches, and you’ll have the best retention and referral numbers in the business, as well as a business with real worth that you can sell and retire on.

What our group does is show people what works and what doesn’t, so gym owners can skip through 5-10 years of misery and possible bankruptcy.

Then once you understand what works (it is 180 degrees different than how 95% of all CrossFit boxes are run currently), then we will show you how to implement the changes. All our information is available on our online school.

We have to give special thanks to Greg Glassman, whose thoughts, insights and experience, was crucial to developing our systems. The legacy of working closely with him in 2004-2007 put us on a path to excellence that shines through today.


Why Group X
Doesn’t Work

The Fitness Industry

What we do is very simple in concept and takes years to master in practice
Simply put we are teaching you a proven business model that works for “Functional Fitness” / CrossFit gyms.

Along the way you will learn how to become a true professional, teach your coaches how to become professionals and earn professional wages that coincide with the service you are offering. Business owners NEED to make over $150,000 a year while working less than 40 hours a week and Coaches NEED to make over $80,000 a year while working less than 25 hours per week on the floor.

I personally have done this in Vancouver and many of our member gyms are doing this today. Our job is to teach you how.

The first step in this process is understanding that the business model used in 98% of gyms that employ complex and potent fitness regimes like CrossFit are fatally flawed. They were designed for Aerobics, Yoga and curves, not for world class fitness.

The second step is understanding and accepting that in today’s market taking a 2 day course on “9 movements” and then opening a gym DOES NOT prepare you for owning and running a successful gym. It is a recipe for financial disaster. In fact every affiliate gym we talk to, even those who have been around for a decade that operate their gyms with a group X model are in financial straights.

Lastly, you have to earn it. The days of opening your doors and having 150 members flood in are over. They maybe should never have happened in the first place, but no matter, you have to learn the essentials to have a successful business:

  1. Learn how to earn clients
  2. Learn how to retain clients
  3. Learn how to train Coaches
  4. Learn how to compensate and retain coaches so they never want to leave your business

As we mentioned previously, most gyms have no chance at doing well in any of those 4 categories. With the MadLab business model, and a lot of hard work, you can do all four and thus build a business that is sustainable, has real worth and can be sold in order for you to retire.

Our job is to show you how to do it.

A Study -Typical Results after 6 Months of Implementing the MadLab Model

Eventually, if you test enough hypothesis, you can generate some theories, and if those theories seem to always come up with the same answer, you may have discovered a natural law.

After 10 years of testing our own hypothesis on how to run a successful gym business, and talking to 1000s of gym owners from around the world who have all been testing some of their own, a set of consistencies began to appear. Some alpha, beta, and gamma tests with 100s of gyms later, we have honed in on a set of laws, that gym owners and coaches are using to revolutionize their gyms change the way fitness is delivered to the world.

The 8 Laws:

Client 1st Day experience

Client 1st Day experience

  1. One-on-one
  2. By appointment only


  1. One-on-one Personal Training
  2. 15-20 sessions
  3. Graduate to Hybrid gym membership via Benchmarks and Fitness Rating
Coach for Life

Coach for Life

  1. One coach – One client
  2. The person who does the 1st day is the same person who does the Fundamentals, is the same person as coaches the majority of their group classes. No middle-men
Hybrid Gym Membership

Hybrid Gym Membership

  1. After Fundamentals, clients do a combination of Personal Training and Group classes
  2. Optimally, clients should be seeing their coaches in a one-on-one setting every month
Coach Compensation Model

Coach Compensation Model

  1. Coaches are paid on a percentage basis, per client, for the lifetime of that client
Coach Development Program

Coach Development Program

  1. In conjunction with a coach compensation model, coaches start at 0% and earn their way up to approximately 50% of their client revenue
  2. This should take between 2 and 3 years
  3. An established coach needs to generate $10k/month in gross revenue on his/her own. Top coaches generate $20k / month and take home $10k (market dependent).
Coach Co-op

Coach Co-op

  1. Teams of established morning and evening coaches pool their clients together for group classes, each sharing in the coaching responsibilities
  2. Established coaches should average 7-8 hours of Group classes/week, and 15-18 hours of Personal Training sessions/week
  3. Established coaches take-home pay should range from $5,000 to $10,000/month (market dependent)
Building a Sellable Asset and Retirement

Building a Sellable Asset and Retirement

  1. Build a real business with real profit, that does no need the owner to be successful
  2. Sell the gym to your top performers and management to retire, much like a law firm or engineering firm. 5x profit + assets

You are free to go try to figure out how to implement these laws by yourself, just give us credit for taking 10 years to get the truth as your starting point. OR, you can apply to our group and join together with hundreds of gyms around the world pooling resources and figuring it out together.

Download the Madlab Report here!