you are a passionate gym owner and coach

Are you someone who has been coaching a while and is starting to wonder if you’ll ever make a good living as a Trainer?

Are you someone that has a great interest in fitness, and would love to have a career coaching people?

The Coach 101 could be your first step to having a great career and an awesome life!

The problem with the fitness business is that there is no clear path for how to make a successful career out of being a Coach

Is being ‘successful’ mean having a lot of classes? Having a lot of clients? Coaching a long time?

Until recently

There have been only three options for people who want to become a full-time trainer/coach

1. Be A Class Instructor

2. Do Personal Training

3. Open Your Own GYM

Class instructors can only work limited hours (when people want to go to classes), And almost never make it out of part-time work. When they do, they are always getting paid a limited amount with no upward growth.

1) Your own fears and anxieties about talking to strangers

2) Helps you to develop specific skills to negotiate the aggressive “commodity” minded customer who pushes you to give prices, service features, and service benefits before the value is truly established and understood

3) Tracking the behaviors necessary to reach your financial goals.

We define being a successful Professional Coach as someone who:

– makes $70,000 – $100,000+ per year
– works no more than 25-30 hours per week on the floor
– has paid vacations
– controls the people he/she gets to train
– has a career they can stay in for decades

Relationships and Business.

The 101 is our introduction to how the MadLab system works and what it means to be an MLG “Coach for Life.” We understand that there are many options for getting educated on coaching practices.

The difference with MadLab is that we are going to focus on two areas that all other programs lack:

There are 5 modules, and it will take about a week to work through (each module will take about 20-40 minutes). 

We are going to show you why you may want a career in fitness. You are going to learn about the economics of the gym industry. 

We are going to show you the biggest industry fails. 

We are going to teach you some of MadLab’s “Laws” for being successful.

How the compensation works and the path to get you there.

We are also going to introduce you to the relationship side of sales and more!

The goal is to determine if being a successful Professional Coach is what you want to do. 

We want to make sure that you have a good understanding of the industry…

And our program before embarking on the journey of learning how to improve people’s lives, (and have a great life yourself).

Even if you aren’t sure if this career path is right for you, 

You’ll learn a ton about what it means to be a successful coach,

And then you’ll be able to decide if you are ready to begin the process to becoming a professional “Coach for Life”. 

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