Eat Your Brains Out- How do you Help Someone who Can’t Cook (Ep 05)

Sometimes we have to help people (or ourselves) and working in the kitchen just isn’t in the cards. Adam and JJ talk about what are good options for people who just can’t cook. Including the “fast – cheap – tastes good” axis. They also talk about their favorite tattoos (and show them)!

00:09 Topic- How do you help a client that doesn’t know how to cook

00:20 Circle question- Do you have any tattoos? If yes, what’s the story behind it?

05:51 JJ’s experience with someone who can’t and doesn’t cook

07:27 Adam’s advice on dealing with clients who can’t or doesn’t want to cook

08:57 Building a performance kitchen on a limited budget

10:13 Find out from client why they don’t cook

11:29 Fast, cheap or taste good

16:23 Wrap Up


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