Elliott Quinones: Abandoning the old way of running a gym for the MadLab way

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Elliott Quinones knew he needed to make some business changes.

The owner of CrossFit Deprivation in Phenix City, Alabama, Quinones, like many gym owners, was struggling to turn a profit.

“No matter how much money we made, somehow it seemed like we weren’t making any. Between the extra programs, paying for marketing, paying for Gym Launch, we found ourselves behind a lot,” he said.

At first, Gym Launch did work. It helped him grow, however, “it was not sustainable growth,” he explained. “(And) eventually the growth started to massively slow down.”

On top of this, the people his gym was attracting just weren’t sticking around.

“We noticed the percentage of people staying was not high at all,” he explained.

Needless to say, “It was exhausting,” Quinones said. “Absolutely exhausting trying to run challenges with brand new people in class with no prior experience every few weeks.”

He came across the MadLab Group and grew intrigued.

“MadLab’s mission coincides with something that I have been trying to do since I started coaching, which is to create jobs for coaches that want to do this as an actual career and get paid well to do it,” he said. “I have always seen the massive value in what great trainers do and seeing a company that allows them to get professional wages brings legitimacy to the industry. (It was) something I knew I needed to be part of.”

He added: “I also knew there was a better way of doing things and that my company needed a change that was sustainable and (would) help plug the attrition leak.”

He was also drawn in by the MadLab coach for life concept for the client.

“Getting people to realize that this isn’t a short term solution, but a way to live your best life speaks to my soul,” he said.

Quinones added: “I really believe that this is the way things should be done. Allowing us to give people everything they need to be absolutely successful in every aspect of health and wellness while being able to help coaches build a professional career and have a professional wage, is worth busting your ass for. I look forward to a long-term relationship with the MadLab team.”

Stay tuned to hear about Quinones MadLab journey as it unfolds.

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