Pro-Coach Day

Craig Patterson


Patty is the CEO of Madlab group and the owner of Madlab school of fitness in Vancouver. The school has a strong staff of professional coaches (3 have been there for over 12 years) and a great gm. The place runs itself so he spends his days working with gym owners and coaches around the world and tormenting his staff at mlg with his endless rants ?

Tom Sarosi

Tom is an Associate Coach at MadLab’s Flagship location in Vancouver. He started his apprenticeship there in 2012 and after struggling for several years to find his footing as a Coach for Life he has found success. Tom earned over 100K in 2017, and he is on point to beat that in 2018. He knows what it takes to get there, and the challenges that go along with it. He wants to share his story of success and tips and tricks to get there with other coaches


John Welbourn, NFL alumn and creator and operator of Power Athlete HQ and Johnnie WOD. Since retiring from the NFL in 2009, John has consulted and trained athletes in MLB, NHL, NFL, CrossFit and the Olympics. He has also worked in the same capacity for Naval Special Warfare, teaching performance and training for Navy SEALs.   He is super stoked to work alongside MadLab to develop high end professional coaches.

Chandler Walker 

Is the founder of Out of the Cave Media, Owner of StoneAgeFuel, and the Architect of the MadLab Business Group. He wants to share the story of how you can build a relationship with people and create a culture of caring around everything you do. He’s been successful in implementing Relationship Marketing Principles in small to very large business worldwide!

Jeremy Jones

JJ has been coaching in martial art studios and gyms since 1996 and started one of the most successful CrossFit gyms in his backyard in 2005. Frustrated by the lack of a lucrative career path for trainers and coaches, he partnered with the MadLab Group in 2014 to further develop the Coach for Life program. It is his goal to have over 500 coaches making six figures, and having an awesome life by 2020.
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