How Functional Patterns in Austin Have Maintained 100 percent of their Revenue in the Face of a Pandemic

Forty Eight: That’s how many clients the Functional Patterns team in Austin, Texas (FPTX) has picked up since the pandemic caused them to close their physical location in the middle of March.

Jarrod Freshour, who has been with the MadLab Group for five years, is a majority owner there, along with three other partners—Benjamin Merworth, Able Garner and Brandon McCain. He explained Functional Patterns is a methodology that focuses on getting people moving more effectively, and getting out of chronic pain.

“It considers our biological blueprint. Through evolution, we have evolved to walk, run and throw for survival, so we look at things like posture and a person’s gait and work to correct deficiencies to help people perform better and get out of pain,” he added.

Being part of the Functional Patterns brand means Freshour has access to a 10-week online course to onboard new members, a course that was developed by the founder of the brand.

When COVID-19 hit, the FPTX team decided to add a service to people starting out in Functional Patterns, as they saw some shortcomings for the client.

“You don’t get a lot of feedback in the course. People who sign up learn on their own, so we launched a two-part beginners program—1.0 and 2.0 (each one month long)—where you get more coaching and it has been pretty successful,” Freshour said.

Having learned from the MadLab Group the importance of relationships, Freshour knew he needed to provide the client a relationship with a coach, along with the useful training program and online education the Functional Patterns course already provided.

So on top of the existing course, their new clients also do two 30-minute sessions with their personal coach, and have access to the facility’s online group classes.

Once through the 1.0 and 2.0 courses, these clients then transition into a regular MadLab hybrid gym membership, which means a combination of group classes and working one-on-one with their coach to address their individual needs.

Since introducing the new courses, they have picked up remote clients from Portugal, Sweden, Africa, Canada and all over the United States, all of whom paid US$300 a month each month of the beginner’s program, and are now paying $250 a month for their hybrid membership.

In terms of revenue, FPTX had just three clients from their facility put their memberships on hold when they closed their doors. Where they did lose some income was on their in-person personal training; however, the revenue from their new program has helped replace most of their personal training income.

As a result, the team has been able to earn the same wage each month through the pandemic. And, although the program was some work to get up and running, Freshour said he’s now working less than he was before.

“It has been a nice little change. I’m working less and making the same amount of money and spending more time with my son,” he said.

He credits much of their success to the fact that Madlab was there to help them.

“Madlab has been essential to our success…and even more as we transition into a different niche. They keep us focused on the numbers and direction of the business, essentially taking out the guesswork and providing a sounding board to any dilemmas that pop up,” he said.




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