Gym and Juice- Interview with a Musician (Ep 23)

GG and Audrey in this episode of the Gym and Juice Show talk about the physical demands of being a musician with Jim, Audrey’s fellow trumpet player.

00:48 Topic- Interview with a musician

02:22 The physical demands of being a musician

04:55 What does it feel like after a 5-hour practice session

06:46 Trusting your music mates to take care of themselves

09:41 Jim’s arthritis diagnosis

11:51 What was it like for Jim learning he had arthritis

14:58 How fitness helped Jim

15:56 Why did he decide to keep going

17:13 How much harder does Jim think he needs to work compared to someone who doesn’t have physical debilitations

21:44 You will find a way to keep going in life and in work

22:45 Wrap Up

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