Gym and Juice- How the Globo Gym Industry is Structured to Make Profit (Ep 05)

GG and Audrey discuss in this episode how globo gyms are designed to make the most profit when their clients come the least.

01:39 Topic: How the Fitness Industry is Structured to Make Profit

03:38 The amount a client is willing to pay to not come to the gym

05:25 GG’s experience at a globo gym

06:45 Audrey’s experience

08:35 Over packed classes

09:37 What are you paying for?

11:39 Little to no community or interaction

12:58 Fitness facilities trying to get insurance companies and government to subsidize gym memberships

15:15 How much would you pay to not go?

19:13 Buying the Coach for Life Service

22:50 Wrap Up


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