The Gymmin Ain’t Easy Show- Summit Recap (Ep 17)

Chandler ‘Chief’ and Patty aka ‘ The Pink Pig” recap the highlights of the Madlab Miami Summit 2018 with some of the most amazing stories and experiences. Miss the next summit and you only have yourself to blame!!

0:39        MADLAB Group Summit Hangover

2:40        Summit Good Memories, Guru Night, Experience and Learning

7:17        History of the Summit: From Team Building to Family Kind of Thing

9:55        Down the memory lane of MADLAB Group Summit

13:20     The Summit Being a Thriving force for people (coaches) to be a professional as a coach

17:35     Going in different directions within the fitness industry

19:00     Back to the Summit Recap

20:30     Gym Programs with different Gym owners

22:57     Having MADLAB Group programs as Back-End

24:10     Lead Machine Programs – How to generate more leads

26:50     MADLAB Roadmap

27:50     Moving Toward Corporate wellness: Partnering with Summit Attendees



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