The Gymmin’ Made Easy Show- 8 People Who are Not a Good Fit for Madlab (Ep 34)

In this episode, Patty talks about the state of the industry, the 8 types of people who are not fit for Madlab as well as the rebranding of The Gymmin’ Ain’t Easy Show to The Gymmin’ MADE Easy Show.

00:28 Fitness industry is the worst industry

01:22People are susceptible to marketing and messages that are not true

02:35 who is a good or bad fit for Madlab

03:15 They simply won’t do the work

04:03 People who are in a bad partnership agreement

04:59 Partnerships that are not on the same page

05:39 Bad leadership

07:16 Addicted to buying leads

08:43 Trying to give away FREE all the time

09:46 A know it all

11:28 Burnout

13:14 Wrap Up

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