Forget one-size-fits-all solutions, shortcuts or easy options.

MadLab gyms offer you the personal relationship and community support to install the motivation and good habits to achieve fitness for life

Our Hybrid membership

  • Gives you the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of long-term cost
  • The inspiration of a vibrant supportive community and camaraderie
  • Those that sweat together, motivate each other
  • Treated like family whenever you visit any of our locations
  • A unique combination of personal training and group fitness to give you the best of both worlds.

MadLab’s Code for fitness:

Practice the movements that you need to do to get truly fit in your sport and life

Our code will get you: Faster, Stronger and more Flexible

We know that to stay on track and achieve your goals, you need to Enjoy It!

Our Team

  • Coaches are in the industry for life
  • Enjoy the benefits of working with the same coach for 20-30 years
  • Work with you 1-on-1 and in group classes
  • Experts in their field who have undertaken a 3-year health and fitness diploma

Our coaches’ benefits to you

  • Understand your fitness and injury history
  • Tailored support from knowing the real you
  • You are never a number – everyone knows your name
  • A personal champion in your corner

We are driven by a firm desire to give you the tools and environment to enhance your health for the long term.

Our philosophy

  • We don’t waste your or our time with fads or gimmicks
  • Just hard work, support, and honesty
  • Good food gives you the fuel to succeed
  • Multi-dimensional workout methods bring real health benefits

Are you sick of

  • Unsatisfactory results?
  • Awkward or unsupportive gym atmosphere?
  • Feeling like you’ve hit a wall and can’t break through?
  • One-dimensional training methods?

We are sick of it too! We want to be different. Be progressive. Make a better you.

We’ll guide you to:

  • Train smarter
  • Eat a better diet that builds tangible results
  • Hit new personal bests
  • Be aware of your fitness boost for everyday life

Join a special worldwide group of people dedicated to professionalizing the industry:

  • Tackling obesity and diabetes
  • Integrated with the prehab/rehab community
  • Partnered with doctors and medical experts
  • Most importantly: You are part of a worldwide community dedicated to making a healthier, better world

Boost your Speed, Power, and Endurance with Madlab

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