How Madlab Helped Katie Allen Abandon the Diet Life for a Life of Health, Fitness and Wellness

Katie Allen had been working out her entire adult life, spending hours a week in the gym, but never truly getting the results she wanted.

Enter Madlab almost four years ago.

“It wasn’t until I enrolled at Madlab that I finally started training,” she said. 

This training at Madlab has helped Katie has lost 50 pounds in the last two years, and gain strength and skills she never dreamed she’d be able to do, like a pull-up and a rope climb, and a 180-pound back squat. 

Katie credits the individualized coaching and the Madlab philosophy, which is all about helping people “achieve truly individualized goals,” she said. 

This individualization has been key to her success, she explained, as her experience at Madlab has been tailored to her wants, needs and goals, which has helped foster her “meaningful progress,” she explained. 

Katie’s customized experience: 

Katie joins in on class sessions three or four days a week, and follows additional individualized training twice a week designed specifically for her strength goals. She also gets nutrition and mindset coaching, which has made a huge difference.  

She explained how each of these components has helped her: “I have taken advantage of the weekly programmed workouts, which creates an overall program of physical wellness, while utilizing independent programming blocks to dial in specific movements and gain strength. I have added nutrition coaching to the mix, which has helped repair my relationship with food and taught me to fuel my body for workout sessions and support recovery in between…Goal and mindset coaching sessions have made me realize how much of this process is mental,” she said. 

When it comes to mindset, one big key for Katie has been learning to abandon her old mindset of thinking she needed to eat less food all the time and train “to get smaller” to embracing the process of becoming stronger. 

“I finally see the benefits of holistic coaching including all areas of my life and how they all connect and work together to maximize gains,” she said. 

Katie added: The coaches at Madlab are passionate experts in all areas of development, including strength, endurance, mobility, nutrition, mindset, sleep, hormone health, and sport specific movement. I have finally started putting all of these pieces together and have achieved a level of wellness and health that I never knew I was missing.”

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