How Madlab Helps Ruby Carrico with Her Physical and Mental Health, Especially During the Pandemic

When Ruby Carrico herniated a disc in her back, she thought she’d just need to quit going to the gym altogether.

But then her coach Chris ‘Sheppy’ Saini, a coach who knew her well as she had been training with him for three years, stepped in and explained this wasn’t the case at all.

Instead of quitting, she added a personal training session with him every six weeks, where he can prepare her how to adjust the programming to her needs and abilities as she continues to heal her back.

“Without the hybrid membership and those personal training sessions, I wouldn’t really be able to go to the class at all,” Ruby said. “We go through the next programming cycle and we figure out how I can approach it. And then when things comes up along the way, I’ll just text him and he’ll give me appropriate substitutions.”

She added: “It’s great to have a coach I can touch base with every day about how my body’s feeling and what I should or shouldn’t be doing…And it’s so nice that he knows me because I don’t always have to be explaining what I want and what my goals are. He knows me really well and it’s always really light and open, so if I’m having problems I can talk to him.”

Coach Sheppy has high praise for his pupil. “Ruby has evolved into a focused, responsible and very capable athlete. She has recognized her need to work smarter, not harder. This is such a difficult evolution for many, and she has done it with humility and grace. Her willingness to learn and coachability are exceptional and a pleasure to work with,” he said. 

When the pandemic hit and the gym closed, Ruby was stuck at home and realized the importance of fitness for her mental health. Again, Sheppy helped her navigate this, she explained.

“He was so eager for me to get back to the gym (when Madlab reopened) because he already knew how much it helps my mental health. And especially now, working from home and not seeing anyone, the better approach is for me to get to the gym, even if I can’t push super hard right now. Because it’s not just about (physical) fitness. It’s about my mental health,” she said.

All of the above have made the gym become a place that’s easy for Ruby to show up to.

“After I stopped tree planting, I tried different things for fitness but didn’t stick to anything, but her it’s easy to just show up. And I know I’ll get a well-rounded workout that’s in line with what I need,” she said.

She added: “The programming is already done, which is a big deal for me. I don’t have to think about what I’m going to do. And the community and the people are always good to connect with. Right now with the pandemic, it’s the only social thing I do in a day.

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