How To Join

Our business model is from over 15 years of data-driven experience gleaned from our own experience and taking data from working with THOUSANDS of gym owners and coaches.
In 2014/15 Madlab group and Zen Planner did a landmark study on 1,600 gyms in which we looked at the client development process and how they related to 6 key performance metrics. The study showed beyond a doubt that the current gym model has some serious inherent defects, most notably group onramps churn clients at over 70% per year which in turn churn coaches every 18-24 months.
We learned ton more from all our research, but those 2 key metrics: client churn and coach churn should be a wake-up call to every independent business owner and fitness coach out there……….


    • Bring in a bunch of leads
    • Put them in a group on-ramp
    • Pay a coach by the hour to coach them
    • Put “Graduates” into a larger group
    • Repeat


You simply can’t win that game.
Here is a game you can win

The business model needs to work for all parties involved.
It needs to work for the Client, the Coach, and the Owner.
Understanding the following Key Performance Indicators… Is the BACKBONE of every decision you need to make to have a successful sustainable business


⚬ Average client Value: $265-$325 per month

⚬ Churn: less than 20% is sustainable, less than 10% is optimal less than 5 % is sublime


⚬ Professional coach pay: $70k – $100k a year

⚬ Coach retention: if they can make a professional wage then they have the ability to stay in the industry for life


PROFIT: real profit after all the support roles are paid (GM, marketing manager, mentor coach etc)

⚬ Sellable asset: MadLab gym receive 4x EBITA + value of assets

The real trick that has taken us 7 years to work out: The best way to teach it to you and your coaches.

Joining our group is not for everyone, but for those ready and willing to take on professionalizing your gym and your coaches.

Step 1

Book a FREE Consultation with one of our Business Mentors…
To discuss if MadLab is a good fit for you and your gym.

Step 2

Work with a professional business coach and learn to put in place the MadLab Model.
Your own personal Business Mentor holds your hand as you go from square one to a million dollar gym.
In this program, you can expect to get access to our robust online education platform and you will work with an implementation manager with unlimited access to them!
The best part is you’ll receive unlimited implementation sessions ensuring you’re never on your own with this and not limited to how often you can meet.
Because when you’re stuck… you’re stuck and we need to be there to guide you along the way.

As a full MadLab Group member you can expect to learn the following:

  • Madlab 101
  • The Formula for a Great Gym
  • The State of the Fitness Industry and what it means to you
  • MadLab Standards
  • Client Development and Retention
  • Earning a Client and the Client’s First Day Experience
  • The MadLab Fundamentals Program
  • Coach Development,
    • How to Hire Coaches
    • How to Compensation Coaches as Professionals
  • Building your sales process
    • Setting Up Your Rates
    • In Depth Client First Day Experience
    • Long-Term Sales Training and Targets
    • Integrating Healthcare and Specialty Programs
  • Retention Strategies
  • Marketing you facility by following our 12 week marketing guide.
  • Understanding Client Strategies
    • Industry Leading Client Intake and Development Process
    • Done For You Fundamentals Program
    • Fundamentals Graduation Benchmarks
    • Hybrid Memberships
    • Long-term Client Retention and Referral Strategies
  • Weekly masterminds to tackle complicated problems and help with long term success
Not ready to commit and want to learn more first?
Take our MadLab 101 Fundamentals of Gymmin Course.
This course introduces you to our basic concepts and theories to give you an idea if our group is a good fit for you.
We used to charge over 1k for this course alone, we sold over 400 of them and had no complaints. It is the best education on how a great gym works period. For $99 it is a steal.

In our MadLab 101 Course you can expect courses on the following topics:-

  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators in your facility and what the most important pieces are
  • The MadLab 8 Laws of Gymmin and how they apply in the real world
  • The MadLab Group Client Lifecycle including
    • The funnel for your gym
    • Fundamentals
    • Hybrid memberships
    • Building Events for your community
    • Specialty programs
    • Prehab/rehab programs
    • Our prescription for a great life for your clients
    • Long-term client retention
  • Introduction to Relationship Marketing by #ChansLogic
  • An Introduction to Profit First by Shannon Simmons