How To Join


STEP 1: Learn the MadLab Group Business Model
– “The Formula for a Great Gym”


The MadLab Business Model has been compiled and developed by some of the leaders in Functional Fitness, many with with over 10 years in the industry. By collecting and analyzing incredible amounts of data on over 1,000 gyms worldwide, we have honed in on what works, and what doesn’t, when it comes to running a successful facility. In joining the MadLab Group, you will not only learn these concepts via our robust Online School (over 150+ courses and counting), but you will be assigned a dedicated Implementation Manager (Imp) who will hold you accountable to change, and ensure each and every aspect of your business is examined and improved.

We understand that not every two gyms are the same. Your Imp will get to know you, your staff, and your unique business pains to help steer you down a path of course correction.

You will begin with the introductory portion of our Online School which breaks down the fundamentals of the MadLab System into several easy-to-digest modules called the “The Formula for a Great Gym”. Your Imp will contact you shortly after signing up for a meeting, and you will be able to add coaches into the Professional Coach Development Program at this point.

The final module in the “The Formula” is an application for membership. Once you have completed the application form, our team will review if you’re a good fit for our group, and contact you with next steps. After the 90 day “Formula” phase, your membership will automatically activate (provided you passed!) and we will welcome you as a full member of the MadLab Group.


Courses Included:

  • Overview
  • State of the Industry
  • MadLab Standards
  • Client Development and Retention
  • Earning a Client and the Client’s First Day Experience
  • The MadLab Fundamentals Program
  • Coach Development, How to Hire and Coach Compensation

Average time to complete: 2 weeks. You will have a 3 month term on this.

Even More

Need to get a few questions answered before committing?

Click the button below to book a Discovery Call to see if you and your gym are a good fit for the MadLab Group. During your Discovery Call one of our Implementation Managers (all current gym owners) will explain what the MadLab Group is all about, answer any questions you might have, and walk you through the process to becoming a Member (as outlined below).

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Please tell us a bit about your situation before booking your Discovery Call with your Implementation Manager.


STEP 2: Become a MadLab Group Member

  • You understand the concepts from our Online School and are ready to hit the ground running.
  • You have a desire to have a professional business, be a professional leader, and have professional coaches. Just getting by is not good enough for you anymore and you are ready to take it to the next level.
  • You want to join a family of like-minded people and contribute to its overall success, because together we are stronger than we are apart.
  • We both see a good, mutual fit and you’re ready to uphold the integrity and standards of the group, because we don’t just let anyone in.

Now it’s time to become a member – marriage

Membership and Implementation

With your MadLab membership you’ll get access to even more courses including:

Business Development


  • Sustainable Business Infrastructure
  • Dedicated Implementation Manager
  • The MadLab Summit (Only Available to MadLab Owners and Coaches)
  • The MadLab Facebook Forum
  • Ongoing webinars
Coach Development


  • The World’s First Professional Coach Diploma Program
  • Robust Coach Compensation Program
  • Finding and Keeping Good Coaches
  • Mentoring Support For New Coaches
  • Training Your Coaches to a Standard with the MadLab Movement Method based off of By The Numbers by Sean Manseau


  • The MadLab Online School – Our Online Library of courses build on Best Practices, Academic
  • Knowledge and Research. This is designed to complement our in house apprentice program.


  • Setting Up Your Rates
  • In Depth Client First Day Experience
  • Professional Coach and owner Sales Training with Greg Mack
  • Long-Term Sales Training and Targets
  • Integrating Healthcare and Specialty Programs


  • The Beacon Marketing system
  • Monthly Marketing Webinars
  • Content Library
  • Websites
  • Branding Help
  • Automated Email Nurturing System
  • The Fit For Life Lead Generation System
  • Local Business Development Guides


  • Industry Leading Client Intake and Development Process
  • Done For You Fundamentals Program
  • Fundamentals Graduation Benchmarks
  • Long-term Client Retention and Referral Strategies