How To Join

We teach gym owners how to

1. Retain 85% of their clients year after year
2. Develop professional coaches who earn $80k – $100,000k a year
3. Make 20% NET Profit (EBITA)

If you want that?

IF this webinar really speaks to you and you fit all of these categories

1. People like you, are drawn to you and want to hang out with you
2. You are a person of integrity

a. honest, hard working and smart
3. You are a good/ great coach
4. You want to be a great leader for your people.

People we can’t help

1. You have been stuck behind a computer remote controlling your business with FB ads and free 6 week challenges and have no desire to get out from behind the computer and be with people.
2. People don’t like you.
3. You want to get rich quick or without having to work for it
4. You don’t actually know how to coach or don’t want to learn and/or have NO one who Can