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The Venue

Speaker and Bios

Jeremy Jones

JJ, also a trained mechanical engineer (Whats with the Engineers in MadLab ) has been coaching in martial art studios and gyms since 1996 and started one of the most successful CrossFit gyms in his backyard in 2005. Frustrated by the lack of a lucrative career path for trainers and coaches, he partnered with the MadLab Group in 2014 to further develop the Coach for Life program. It is his goal to have over 500 coaches making six figures, and having an awesome life by 2020.


After earning his Mechanical Engineering  degree, working for two fortune 100 companies in business development, starting a Green Building Design Firm from scratch and selling it, Patty decided to try his hand in the fitness industry.
Patterson was a true pioneer in the early years of Crossfit – so early that when in Vancouver, Glassman slept in Patty’s bed and Patty took the couch.  Greg was Pattys mentor from 2004-2011 and has dedicated his life to professionalizing the fitness industry so coaches and owners can make the same living as engineers.

Tom Sarosi

Tom is an Associate Coach at MadLab’s Flagship location in Vancouver. He started his apprenticeship there in 2012 and after struggling for several years to find his footing as a Coach for Life he has found success. Tom earned over 100K in 2017, and he is on point to beat that in 2018. He knows what it takes to get there, and the challenges that go along with it. He wants to share his story of success and tips and tricks to get there with other coaches

Greg Mack

You’ve heard, learned, devoured and practiced his sales techniques. Now, Greg Mack, the man, the myth, the f#$king legend brings his unique take on Leadership to us.

Haven’t taken his sales course yet? Find it in the Webhub!

Chandler Walker

Out of the Cave Media specializes in Relationship Based Marketing. Much like the Gym industry itself, marketing for fitness companies are all about the quick fix, short term leads and trying to manipulate the sale and sneak long-term contracts in front of unsuspecting gym goers. But this is NOT the MadLab way! Clients shall be manipulated no longer! Enter Out of the Cave Media – the brain child of Chandler Walker and Dave Picardy, Chief Marketing Officer and Founding member of MLG. Out Of the Cave is the mutated offspring of what happens when you blend sustainable business systems with long-term vision and a passion for making people happy.

Chandler Walker’s own brand of positivity is often showcased throughout his speaking engagements – he’ll be joining the summit to talk about why marketing doesn’t stop at the sale!

Julien Pineau

Patty and Julien met while enjoying fancy cocktails in Australia when they were both there to speak at the Functional Fitness Festival with the Mind Muscle Project.

They quickly bonded over their shared love of making coaches lives better and desire to professionalize the coaching industry.

Julien’s brain is wired to see faulty patterns and visualize, in space, how people move. With his knack for diagnosing muscular and strength imbalances, he has developed his own system to identify what issues are and fight the root of the problem. He now travels the world delivering seminars to coaches who have the common goal of fixing people and ridding them of pain.

Jeff Martin

– Nearly 40 years of coaching experience
– Co-owner of The Brand X Method™ – The Lab in Ramona, California
– TBXM™ Director of Youth Training
– TBXM™ certification staff Lead Trainer
– Co-developer CrossFit Kids program 2004-2014
– Co-developer CrossFit Kids Course 2008-2014
– Director of Youth Training 2011-2014
– HQ Training Staff 2011-2014
– HQ Coach and Trainer, Levels 1-4 2004-2014
– Games Southern California Regional Head Judge 2009-2011
– USAW Club Coach
– USAW Sports Conditioning Coach
– 5th-degree Kenpo karate black belt, earning the title of sifu
– KMNTC-certified Krav Maga instructor
– USA Powerlifting California state record holder
– Collegiate water polo player
– BA Psychology SDSU

Mikki Martin

– Nearly 20 years coaching experience
– Co-owner of The Brand X Method™ – The Lab in Ramona, California
– TBXM™ Director of Youth Programs
– TBXM™ certification staff Lead Trainer
– Speaker Aspen Institute Project Play 2014
– Co-developer CrossFit Kids program 2004-2014
– Co-developer CrossFit Kids Course 2008-2014
– Director of Youth Programs 2011-2014
– HQ Training Staff 2011-2014
– HQ Trainer, Levels 1-3 2004-2014
– Games Southern California Regional Judge 2009-2011
– ISSA-certified Youth Fitness Trainer
– USA Powerlifting California state record holder
– 1st-degree Kenpo karate black belt
– KMNTC-certified Krav Maga instructor

Matt Hersh

MLG is unbelievably thrilled to have Jeff and Mikki Martin welcome us to this years with their inspiring words – the Co-founders of The Brand X Method are tireless in their pursuit to stop Childhood obesity in it’s tracks. They will be our guests on Opening Night of the Summit to help kick off this incredible weekend on the right foot.

But that’s not all we’re getting from The Brand X Method in Miami! Brand X COO Matt Hersh will be speaking to MLG members during the weekend about how to run a profitable Kids Program – using a hybrid of The Brand X Method and MLG theories – GG and Matt have put their heads together have come up with some amazing stuff to better serve the children of your gym community – all while keeping the MLG Prime Directive in Mind.

Check out for more information on these incredible guests.

2018 Summit Agenda

June 7 9
Meet and Greet hosted by Rob Wolf
  1. Patty
  2. Julien – StrongFit
  3. Jeff and Mikki – BrandX
  4. Tom – MadLab School of Fitness
  5. Chandler – Marketing and Relationships 
  6. Greg Mack – Sales 
  7. Brian Mackenzie – The Art of Breathing 
  8. Kenny Kane – Contextual Coaching
  9. JJ – Coach Development 
  10. GG – Aggressively organizing 
  11. Jeremiah Stakett – Selling to Serve 
Breakout Groups:
Profit First
Business Dev  Community Events
Multiple locations
The GM Role

Meet and Greet
6:00 – Grab your Goodie Bag! Cash Bar and Mingle
7:00 – Welcome with Patty
7:30 – Jeff and Mikki
8:15 – Orientation + Bead Game
9:00 – have to be out of the room
9:30ish – Cool down Mingle – Bedtime

8:00: Intro
8:15: Tripp Smith
9:00 break
9:15: Greg Mack
10:00 break
10:15 – JJ – Coach 101 Release and How to Hire coaches
10:45 – Chandler – Client Lead Gen release
11:15 – break
11:30 – GG – Intro to Micro and Macro Community Building
12-1 lunch

TIMECoach Track
(client - coach relationship)
Owner Track
(building your business community)
1:00Tom - How to earn 100kMind Muscle - Podcasting
2:00Chandler - Coach Content and relationship building for high quality leadsChandler - Coach Content and relationship building for high quality leads
3:00Greg Mack - Professional Communion TechniquesAudrey - Macro Community
4:00Jason - Building rapport with leadsChandler - Building out your lead gen campaign
4:45 END

Guru Night


TIMECoach Track
(Building your client community)
Owner Track
(building your coach - business relationship)
9:00Tripp - GG - NEW Coach Comp
10:00Derek - Long term retention toolsJason - Interrogation Techniques
11:00JJ - micro CommunityGreg Mack - Leadership & Mentor coach program

12-1 lunch

1:00 – GG Wrap up
1:30 – Break
2:00 – 12 step Moose cock program, Moose Jeopardy final
3pm finshed
3-5pm → people go eat, get changed, nap,
5PM – 7PM – Pool party rages

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