How the Madlab Group Helped Laura Franchini Develop Four Professional Coaches and Increase her Gross Revenue by 63 Percent

Like many small business owners, Laura Franchini admits sometimes feels overwhelmed by the idea of making huge business changes.

This is why working with her Madlab Group mentor Audrey Patterson in the last couple years has been so valuable, she explained.

“Audrey meets me right where I’m at, right where my business is at, and where my coaches are at, and she helps me take the next small step to being better,” said Franchini, the owner of Cornerstone Fitness in Ohio.

“It never feels like this massive change that’s overwhelming, because she gives me small pieces I can bite off one at a time,” she added.

And over time, those small changes have led to big change.

One of the goals Franchini had when she first started working with Patterson was to find a way to rent out some of her 12,000 square foot space to other health professionals.

Three years later, she now has a physiotherapy group, two massage therapists, and a nutrition company all renting part of her office space. Together, these businesses cover approximately 70 percent of Franchini’s monthly rent.

“That has made a huge difference,” she said.

More importantly, however, for her own business, Patterson has helped Franchini develop her full-time coaches to the point where she now has four full-time coaches who consistently earn a professional wage each month.

Franchini credits this success to Audrey’s very specific, individualized mentorship approach.

“She gives me advice that’s very specific to my business. She really takes the time to understand what’s going on with every piece of the puzzle, down to each individual coach. Each coach needs different things from me, so Audrey helps me make plans for helping them.”

One notable coach success story is her coach Brandon Killin.

Before Franchini purchased Cornerstone Fitness, they were already a Madlab group gym who was in transition to follow the Madlab model. And prior to that, they were a personal training studio. Killin had essentially been there since the beginning.

He started out as a personal trainer, and then became a group class coach. He soon realized he was never going to be able to make a good enough living as a coach, so he got another full-time job and continued to coach part-time as a hobby.

However, when Franchini had moved to the Madlab coach compensation model, Killin saw hope that he could be a full-time professional coach.

Today, Killin is a full-time coach and has 40-plus clients on hybrid memberships, as well as a handful of personal training clients.

“He’s making way more money than he ever thought was possible as a coach,” Franchini said.

As for her business, Franchini is also doing a lot better than she ever would have dreamed of when she purchased her gym in 2017. Since 2017, her gross revenue is up by 63 percent.

Best of all, Franchini is now in a position now where the coach co-op effectively runs itself, and she can sit back and work on coach and business development.

“I don’t coach on the floor.The majority of my time is spent doing the business side of things, and that’s hugely helpful. I have six amazing coaches that do a phenomenal job and I can focus on giving them all the resources they need to be successful,” she said.


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