The Lead Machine – Ep 01

GG and Chandler introduce The Lead Machine Show and what its all about. This show focuses on marketing and creating ideas to build solid marketing platforms.

1:10       Introduction: What the show is all about

2:33        Talking about Fitness industry has similarities with Marketing

3:27        Understanding first the process before Starting Marketing and When it is advised to hire for help

4:15       Advantage on listening to the podcast and WIN

5:04       Talking about How much time and effort that a marketing team will dedicate for the work

6:13       Marketing on Social Medias (Facebook), How Simple can your Marketing ads be

7:37       What’s next after Marketing Stuff and Social Media leads

8:44        More concerns after Marketing Work, It is not just an external work, It doesn’t stop once the client is in

11:09     What comes first in relation with marketing work

13:20     Proactively Simple: New era for MadLab Group



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