The Lead Machine – Retargeting Ep 03

GG and Chandler discuss paying attention to the people that are watching your content and visiting your website. Being able to keep the attention of the people who care about your business

01:31 Introduction of the topic for discussion

02:12 Being a part of their world as well as their online community

02:47 Become their friend to take over their world

03:50 Retarget people that engage with your page

04:49 The 3 levels of reengaging

05:52 Become familiar

06:50 Daily budget for content

08:48 Marketers make it mysterious- it is straight forward

11:03 Nurture and funnel to get the right people

11:35 Online Marketing is civilized

12:44 When to boost as opposed to fully sponsor

15:24 Make not of the process of retargeting

16:05 Wrap Up


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