The Lead Machine Show- Building Relationships (Ep 02)

GG and Chandler talk about the first step in acquiring leads, which is, building a relationship with people that have interest in your brand. The relationship is the primary driver in determining whether people care about you.

0:35        The First Step in acquiring leads: Building the Relationship

2:35        Relationship Marketing: Developing relationships with people that will do what you ask them to do

4:10        How to do it – Build a relationship.

5:50        Attaining the right clients that can connect to you

8:09        Start to do it by yourself – Build a relationship to leads

11:16     Being unfollowed by friends on social media platforms – How it translates to business world?

13:56     Setting up a schedule to start creating content: for listening, for reading, for watching

15:45     What will be your content in relation to what platform to use: featuring stories of someone

17:40     The art of building the relationship

20:23     Listening and responding to your audience by creating content based on their reactions to your created content

23:33     Receiving feedback and adjusting, modifying your future content to the feedback of your audience

24:25     Inviting people to get involved



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