The Lead Machine Show- Local Business Development (Ep 12)

Chandler and GG talk about local business development in this episode of the Lead Machine show. They discuss what you can do to establish relationships with local businesses in your area, what can be done for continual relationships and why it should be done.

01:20 Topic: Local Business Development

02:39 Building your business’ presence in your local community

03:44 Influencer strategy

05:57 Train your brain to think outside the box

09:23 it’s a numbers game

10:46 Relationships on a different level

11:22 Lead in with value

12:28 Capturing leads and new clients

13:56 Have a plan, start small, make a list

16:17 Don’t fear rejection

17:33 If the business is similar to yours, the owner may be similar to you

22:00 Wrap Up


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