Gym and Juice- New Year’s Resolutions (Ep 20)

Audrey and GG talk about new year’s resolutions and does timing matter, this and more in the first episode of the Gym and Juice Show for the year.

01:17 GG is back from vacation

02:42 Topic- New Year’s Resolution

05:30 Why do people want to know others New Year’s resolutions?

06:21 They don’t work

07:47 Its always a diet for the New Year

09:16 Globo gyms prey on people during that time of the year

11:39 Everyone wants to know whether you kept to your resolution

13:25 The New Year’s resolution is part of the broken part of the industry

13:34 There’s nothing to keep you

15:39 Something new about resolutions

17:45 Instead of starting something new, do something better

20:58 Wrap Up

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