The Lead Machine Show- Using Facebook Lead Ads to Drive Quality Traffic (Ep 20)

In this episode of the Lead Machine Show GG and Chandler talk about concepts you can use in your business right now.

00:30 Topic- Using Facebook Lead Ads to Drive Quality Traffic
02:27 Have a good structure around Facebook lead ads
04:34 Make sure whatever you market actually exist
05:43 Have a unique selling proposition
07:55 The more hoops you make them jump through the more they care about the experience
09:38 Be scientific about the process
10:32 Jumping through hoops has a purpose
11:31 Don’t treat fitness as a commodity, if you’re selling a service you need to protect your time
12:53 Simplicity is not the answer, weed out unqualified applicants
13:23 There’s a difference between simple and easy
14:25 Wrap Up
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