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Learn what the top 1% of gyms do to maximize revenue, keep clients for life, pay coaches a professional wage (and of course, change lives along the way!)

There are lots of business plans that teach gym owners how to fail.

That’s because so many of them are too similar. The same strategy that works with a chain co-ed fitness center doesn’t work for a micro, CrossFit, or boutique gym.

You have to use a trial and error approach to figure out what works for you. That’s where MadLab Group comes in!

Founder and CEO of MadLab Group, Craig Patterson, knows a lot about what it takes to make a small gym successful.

He started by defining exactly what it means for a gym to be thriving. He found that it involves three components, which he refers to as the Prime Directive:

The Client

  • Retention
  • Average Client Value

The Coach 

  • $/Coach Hour/Total Coach Pay
  • Retention


  • Asset Value

Once Craig knew what he had to do, he set out to determine what business model would work in every area.

He began using the Scientific Method,

Following the steps of Conjecture, Hypothesis, Theory, and Law.

He used the Scientific Method to test all the things that gyms try to do to be successful.

For example:

  • Free Classes on Saturdays
  • Bring a Friend to Class for Free
  • Group on Ramps
  • Straight Into Class
  • Coaches by the Hour
  • And more.

Most of what Craig tried didn’t work the first time around. He changed his hypothesis, tried it again, and found success.

During the Zen Planner Study, he looked at 1600 affiliate gyms to gather data and determine what methods worked…

And what didn’t?

The goal of his research was to achieve data-driven client retention,

That would achieve every aspect of the Prime Directive.

He used that data to create the systems and strategies,

MadLab Group uses to build the world’s most profitable gyms,

With the highest paid coaches and clients who stay for life!

Most small gym owners don’t have the resources they need to develop a successful business model. They don’t know what it takes to set their business apart from the rest of the industry.

MadLab Group can help you achieve higher profits per client,

And help you learn how you can give them the experience that made you want to build your business in the first place.

Using our model, the clients, coaches, and your business win!

Stop trying the same old strategies and getting the same results.

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