MadLab Blog Services

“Your blog service has saved my coaches and myself hours and hours of time and effort. We have used your blogs to engage our clients in meaningful discussions. This has enabled us to drive more traffic to our website helping with SEO while providing content for everyone interested. Very grateful for this service.”
– Garth Cooke, Forge Valley Fitness


So you can “Specialize in what you do best”

This is as true when it comes to the laws of economics and best practices around importing and exporting as it is for a small business owner trying to figure out what tasks to do himself and what to outsource.

If you’re a gym owner who sits up at night staring blankly at a computer screen, unable to put your thoughts together to come up with articulate blog content for your community and prospects to devour, then this blog service is for you.

The blogs are written by writer and coach Emily Beers. Emily has her Master’s in Journalism and has been writing in the fitness and nutrition industries for 10 years. She’s also a seasoned MadLab Group coach, who understands exactly how to market to your target market.

WHAT you will receive:

12 blogs a month that you can use as your own on your website and social media channels. Topics are designed to educate, inform and entertain both current and prospective clients (nutrition, diet, training, lifestyle, health, wellness, as well as marketing style pieces to attract new members). You’re also encouraged to pitch relevant ideas you’d like to see turned into a blog post to ensure you’re getting the content you need.

HOW it helps your business:

Not only will the service help save you and your coaches time and stress—especially for those less adept at writing—but putting out consistent content each week will help build and solidify your brand and social your media reach. And, of course, educational, informative and entertaining blog posts are a value add for current clients, and serve as a great way to attract new clients.