How MadLab Group helped Nathan Corrigal increase his revenue by almost 50% in just 4 months

Nathan Corrigal, the owner of Southwest Strength, in the small town of Melita, Manitoba, opened his gym with his wife Sara in 2015, although the two had been building their client base in their garage gym for quite some time before that.

As the story goes for many gym owners, Corrigal soon found himself somewhat stuck. While he had built a solid client base, both he and Sara were working too much—sometimes coaching 50 hours a week. Not only that, but Corrigal admitted his business lacked any kind of systems necessary for success, and he knew it was time to develop another coach, as Sara was pregnant with their first child.

He turned to MadLab Group for help in August 2018 and hasn’t looked back.

The results speak for themselves: Since August—through selling more personal training and adding hybrid memberships—Corrigal’s revenue is up by 40 to 50 percent a month already.

(By hybrid membership, we mean a combination of group classes and personal training. Read more about why hybrid gym memberships are best for the client, the business and the coach here:)

He credits his MadLab implementation manager Audrey Patterson for helping him navigate the daunting, and often murky waters, of making business changes. One of these changes was simply having the balls to ask for more money.

“I’ve always known I need to charge what I’m worth. Audrey has helped instil that in me,” Corrigal said. Part of this has been learning to treat himself like he’s a professional, he explained.

“This includes being compensated (adequately),”Corrigal said. 

But again, the two biggest changes that have helped his business have been personal training and hybrid memberships.

“Selling personal training has been the best. I used to be scared to (try) because (people think) it’s ‘too expensive,’” Corrigal admitted. And while he said he was always focused on building close coach-client relationships, hybrid memberships have helped make the path to connecting with the client even more clear, he said.

Today, Corrigal has abandoned the unfounded beliefs many gym owners and coaches hold—‘People in my small town won’t pay for personal training‘—and he now has the confidence to show prospects the value of one-on-one coaching, regardless of the fact that he lives in a small town. 

Patterson added about her pupil: “He is literally killing it in a community of less than 1,500 people.”

(Read more about selling personal training here and how starting with a 3-personal training session assessment is the easiest way to do it).

Corrigal admits it hasn’t been easy but it has been worth it.

“(Audrey) has put me outside my comfort zone, but when I commit to something I’m all in,” Corrigal said about the experience with MadLab Group so far.

On top of increasing his revenue in recent months, Patterson has also been helping Corrigal develop a new coach. With a new baby at home, this was necessary, he explained. And it has put his business on the path to even greater success.

Congrats Nathan and good luck!

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