Madlab Movement Fundamentals Show- Chasing Gurus (Ep 17)

Sean and Chandler talk about the idea of there’s always a new guru in the fitness industry selling a course, a magical method or potion that is going to make you live better or feel better.

00:44 Topic- Chasing Gurus

01:27 A graveyard of equipment

03:50 Everybody want to be the better competitor

05:12 Flaws will be exposed in doing improper movements

07:10 Crossfit is a sport

10:50 Don’t get stuck in the gym

11:57 How does it look?

14:40 Knowing when to say when and have the courage to say no

16:15 Get fit in the gym to love your life outside the gym

17:43 Develop senses

18:48 Recap

21:23 Wrap Up

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