MadLab Movement Fundamentals Show- The Hierarchies and the Progression of the Movement (Ep 04)

In this episode of the Madlab Movement Fundamentals Show Chandler and Sean discuss The Hierarchies and the Progression of the Movement, why they make sense and what they are.

00:37 Introduction of topic of the day

01:04 Understanding the concept of progressions

05:43 Qualifying people to make more sophisticated movements

09:02 Take a step back to understand the intended stimulus

11:33 Suggested template for fundamentals

14:09 Good movement helps the reputation of your gym

15:41 How to organize and start a fundamentals program

17:35 Too much intensity in your workout is a quick road to your client burning out

19:25 Early days of CrossFit

21:50 Standardize Progressions

24:08 Closing Statements


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