MadLab Movement Fundamentals Show- Why Numbered Positions? Ep 03

Chandler and Sean talk about Why Numbered Positions, why they matter, what’s the reason and why they should make sense.

1:00 How the Numbered Position method was started

4:09 Why is the Numbered Positions so easily taught and grasped

7:42 Using this method gets new coaches up to speed fast

9:05 Everyone gets the same curriculum and the same quality of training

10:12 Success comes from offering a professional standardized product

11: 02 Build a standard of excellence in the micro gym community

12:36 Moral of the Story

13:57 Why the Numbered Positions make sense

16:06 Question: How do you educate your clients to talk to others about the experience they’re receiving in the gym?

18:35 What having the Madlab Movement Fundamentals Book can do for you

20:45 Wrap Up



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