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High Volume / High Churn

  • Driving leads into a group on ramp
  • Doing 5 week challenges to get even more leads
  • Group on
  • Class pass
  • Paying coaches by the hour
  • Trying to get as many clients into your gym as possible

This game is hard on independent business owners. It is a volume and churn game set up for the big gyms and marketing companies This model churns through clients and coaches alike.

Globo gyms can play this game better than small and medium sized business owners. They have huge marketing budgets, tons of square footage and beautiful amenities

I don’t know about you but losing clients hurts. I just hated losing friends and our business model was spawned out of this thought
Everything we do has to work for

  1. The clients
  2. The coaches
  3. The owner

We have learned there is a better way to run a Great Gym. I started Madlab school of fitness 13 years ago (we were the 5th affiliate in the world) and Madlab Business group 6 years ago and we play a different game


High Value / Low churn

  • Average client Values of $300 per person per Month (Industry average is under $120)
  • Churn rates under 10% (Industry average is over 70%)
  • Average coach pay over $75,000 a year (We have coaches who make over $100,000 a year in our model
  • Full time Coaches who stay in the industry and make it a career (in
  • Vancouver alone we have 3 full time coaches who have all been there for 11+ years and make a professional wage)
  • Business’s that produce high revenue and real Profit (Vancouver does over $800,000 a year with a 21% net positive cash flow)
  • Create a sellable asset (Madlab member gyms sell at 3.8 X profit + value of assets

A virtual organization of gym owners working together to bring best-practices to the gym industry

Learn the strategies that helped MadLab School propel itself into business success and then replicate that success into hundreds of affiliates and independent gyms all over the world.

We’ve been in the game of building businesses to be both sustainable and profitable for over 13 years and we’ve seen many different evolutions along the way.
We can implement these solutions into your business at a very reasonable cost

Business consulting has traditionally been very labor intensive, time consuming and and expensive. Paying for a personal business coach is great, but it is expensive and you have no idea what kind of results you may get before shelling out thousands of dollars
Welcome MADLAB GROUP’S newest software and service delivery.

Madlab V – a self-service solution centered around guided online education that you can use to take your business to the next level.
You can start your journey with our MadLab 101 Course – The fundamentals of Gymmin absolutely worth well over $1,000 and tested with over 100 gym owners.

We want to prove to you why we’re considered the gold standard of business consulting in the affiliate world!


In the MadLab 101 course you can expect to learn about:


  • The most critical key performance indicators that you should be tracking
  • The 8 Laws of Gymmin and why they’re so important
  • The ideal client lifecycle including
    • Retention
    • First contact
    • Fundamentals
    • Hybrid memberships
    • Events and specialty programs
  • Relationship marketing and what it means to build a culture of caring
  • The four principles of Profit first and the instant assessment
We are now in the full launch of this program and taking groups of 20 gym owners.

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Get the MadLab 101 – The Fundamentals of Gymmin Course for $297




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