I know it’s a scary time. I hope you are doing well out there.  

I shared this with our Madlab group members last week


Remember it is a week old


I hope it helps…


The more things change the more they stay the same. 


We stay calm, we stay focused, we focus on the fundamentals that got us here and will get us through this.  


Ok so here we are 3 days into a global pandemic that has shut down the worlds gyms.  


  • All globo gyms closed, memberships cancelled
  • All functional fitness gyms (OTF, F45 etc) closed, memberships cancelled
  • All CF commodity gyms shuttered, memberships cancelled


Holy fucking mackerel!!  How do you like dem apples??       


This is not the norm in our industry.  In the independent gym owner segment chaos has ensued. You go in those other forums and it is madness, because everyone has taken a different approach to almost everything.  


So what do we do?  We do the same things we have been doing at Madlab since day 1 – because a system that works – works all the time, not just when the sun is shining.  These systems are ones that we know will work, even through a global Pandemic:  


We follow the 6 KPI’s and make sure that everyone wins.  Clients win, then coaches win, then the business wins: 6 KPI’s

        1. Retention – retain our clients
        2. Average client value – deliver Value for $$ and change perception.   Online programs are $300/month
        3. $/coach hour – Are the coaches working as hard as ever?
        4. Total coach pay – While other personal trainers are out of work right now, our coaches are protected so long as they keep their retention high
        5. Profit – The owner needs to pay all his bills, pay himself to live and not build a mountain of debt
        6. Asset value – the ability to continue to deliver service through a crisis is a powerful stamp of success on a business. 


Ok now in the new world we are all asking ourselves:  “How in the fuck are we going to get those 6 KPI’s?” At MadLab – this is the same question we ask ourselves everyday, pandemic or not. 


Lets start with #1 & #2:   Keep our clients, keep them paying for a high value service

We need to become excellent at delivering value with out a physical location.

  1. Meet with your implementation manager regularly 
  2. Have your coaches meet with their Instructor coaches and their support groups
  3. Share best practises among us on what we are doing.  
    • Make a post in the forum
      1. LABEL it “RETENTION” or “Client Value” etc
      2. Create a long comments stream and keep all the info in one place we can reference back to and keep a history of
      3. We are posting and gathering best practices daily.  Be sure to keep checking our Forum, and SHARE what you are doing, and what is working.
    • Hone and improve every day
    • Take what works and discard what does not
    • Debate and SUPPORT each other


Madlab School of Fitness coaches, Madlab instructor coaches, and Implementation managers will be in there with all of you.  We are in the boat together. If you don’t win, we don’t win.


We will get this info to you in the forums first and then devise implementation strategies and execution through your imps and to all your coaches through the  Mentored PCDP programs. 


KPi’s #3 & #4: keep our coaches fed and keep them for the long term

  1. We will work with them to become excellent at getting KPI’s #1 & #2
  2. Have your coaches meet with their Instructor coaches and their support groups
  3. Have them communicating and finding best practises in their forum groups
  4. Talk with them every day or two. 
  5. Take any government assistance you can get


KPI’s #5 & #6:  Keep our business solvent, pay our bills and pay ourselves to live.  Position ourselves to come out of this pandemic as the true leaders in our communities and THRIVE!!!

  1. Stay Calm
  2. Pay attention to KPI’s #1-4 EVERYDAY……..
  3. Improve, hone and become excellent in the new normal
  4. Take all the “free money” you can get


Though it might not seem like it right now – this is an incredible opportunity for you to rise above and fully demonstrate to your clients what it means to have a Coach For Life.  Reduce the fear, assemble the wagons around your mentors and fellow professional gym travellers. 


We will figure this out together.


Stay strong!!  We got this.   


Personal Note:  At a time where it’s so easy to be scared and overwhelmed – I have never been as proud as I am of the team at MadLab group, you owners, and coaches, as I have been in the last week.   And My excellent team of coaches at Madlab school of fitness in vancouver are strong as nails and true professionals. 


While the world crumbles around us, I have seen each of you come forward with steadfastness, resolve and true leadership – and that is to be commended.


Love Patty

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