Official Statement from MLG regarding COVID-19

The Madlab Group Mission has always been, and will continue to be, to professionalize the coaching industry and bridge the gap between fitness and health care.

In that vein, and in recognizing our responsibility as a respected leader in our industry, we would like to issue the following statement regarding our recommendation towards the ongoing function of the professional gym during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The professional gym is in a unique position at this time, as we are simultaneously a potential place for a community spread as well as a place where important preventative health care takes place. As such, we need to walk a line between mitigating the potential spread of the virus as well as embracing our responsibility as leaders by creating every opportunity possible to keep our communities healthy and people out of the hospitals.

The world is already experiencing several other epidemics, such as obesity, tobacco consumption, HIV/AIDS etc. Due to these issues, our healthcare system is already on the verge of collapse. Adding in a pandemic of this nature stresses the health care system beyond its ability to provide effective care.

If you are healthy you will most likely not be seriously affected by the virus. Younger people are not the ones at risk. The concern is that the health care system can not scale fast enough as the virus explodes to help the people who are at risk.

There are just not enough resources (front line workers, hospital beds, Ventilators, masks, etc) to provide adequate support for these individuals should they become sick. In areas where the healthcare system can handle the influx because the appropriate preventive measures have been taken, the fatality rate is under 1%. In areas where preventative measures are not taken, the health care system becomes overwhelmed and the fatality rate goes as high as 6%. Preventative measures are literally the difference between life and death.

What can we do: This is coming to each and every one of our communities. Germany estimates 70% of the population will become affected at any given time. All we can do is our part in “flattening the curve” and keeping people out of hospitals.

Delaying the onset of the virus as much as possible to allow medical science and health care systems to catch up is paramount.


1. Social Distancing vs. Closure

a. Social Distancing:

At this time, every and all professional gym facilities need to be practicing social distancing. This includes:

i. No classes larger than 20 people

ii. Individuals to remain at a distance of 2m

iii. Increased cleaning of the facility and cleaning of equipment after each and every use

iv. no sharing of equipment whatsoever.

v. Outdoor workouts where you can practice true social distancing are a great option.

b. Closure

i. Follow government recommendations, but also;

ii. Based on epidemiological studies, we are putting forward the following recommendations:  

If your gym has 100 people or fewer, close your gym if:

a. There are 5+ deaths in your area

b. There are 30+ confirmed cases

If your gym has 250 – 100 people close your gym if:

a. There are 3+ deaths in your area

b. There are 20+ confirmed cases

If your gym has 250+ close your gym if:

a. There are 3+ deaths in your area

b. There are 15+ confirmed cases

2. Ongoing Continued Prevention During a Closure

a. We, as professional coaches, are the gap between healthcare and fitness. As such, we have a responsibility to continue to keep our communities healthy during the event of a closure.

b. Using platforms such as True Coach, Sugar WOD, BTWB etc. to provide ongoing programming, accountability and community to your members from the safety of their own homes is paramount to keeping them out of the hospital and is an instrumental part of our ability to contribute to the ongoing management of explosion of the virus. The healthier they are, the less likely they will need treatment in the event they contract COVID – 19

c. Revenue: Membership fees should continue are normal. One-on-ones can be performed over the phone by coaches, using this time to discuss with their clients their health during this period.

d. Prior to gym closure, offering in-home workouts and over the phone coaching, is an option and will send the message to people that you are here to support them.

The professionalization of coaching and building the preventative health care industry has never been more important as it is right now. Please act accordingly.

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