Madlab Membership Benefits

MadLab Membership Benefits

Online School

  • Our best in the industry online education platform with tracks for both owners and coaches
    • Owner Education
    • Coach Education
  • Daily content for both owners and coaches to continue the education process and to keep you ahead of the curve
  • Weekly webinars to answer all of your questions and to get you talking with gym owners just like you

Madlab Summit

  • 2 day mastermind course for business owners to hone and develop their ability to lead, for coaches to learn to sell, and for the group to get together and learn from each other.
  • The Summit is in Las Vegas. Oh yeah……..we also party.

MadLab Owners Facebook Forum

  • Dedicated forum for all owners and coaches in the group to share ideas, best practices, videos, links, etc and ask questions

MadLab Coaches Facebook Forum

  • Dedicated forum for all coaches in the group to share ideas, videos, links, etc and ask questions

Additional Courses Available

1-on-1 Guided Mentorship

  • Get a coach to help you take the next step and build your business to a level like you’ve never seen before! We work to identify your unique situations and develop solutions to ensure you’re always a step ahead of the game

Professional Coach Training

  • Our Professional Advisor Coaches will work with your coaches and apprentices to teach them how to build a client base, retain clients and enroll clients using a systematic method

MadLab Marketing Services

  • Learn how to develop culture, an identity and uniqueness in your brand in what is often a sea of competitors
  • Sales and Marketing pipeline development for every stage and every decision of the buyer journey

Quality Control Standards

  • One Seal, Two Seal and Three Seal standards of excellence for gyms. These standards include: Coach accreditation program, Minimum pricing for Personal training and Group classes, Morning and evening coaching teams, minimum standards for coach pay, graduation to group classes based on benchmarks and 1 on 1 personal training.

Professional Sales Training

  • Never be worried about how to talk with new clients coming to your gym. MadLab professional sales training will teach you and your coaches everything you need to know to evaluate the client to see if they meet the standards to be part of your gym in an ethical and easy to learn way.