Professional Coach Diploma

Our introductory course—the Math & Fundamentals for Coaches—and the more in-depth three-year Professional Coach Diploma Program (PCDP 4.0) provide coaches with technical training, sales training, business training and mentorship to develop the skills they need to become true professionals.

  1. The Math & Fundamentals for Coaches: This is a nine-hour online course that teaches the basics of:

    • How to make a $80,000+ annually as a professional coach
    • Why the Fitness Industry is Fundamentally broken
    • Why we need Professional Coaches
    • The Madlab Prime Directive
    • The 6 KPI’s
    • The 9 Laws
    • The Client Development Process
    • The Madlab Coach Compensation Model
    • The Coach Development Process
    • The Coach Co-Op 
    • How we Found the 9 Laws
    • The History & Evolution of MLG
    • Mission & Mindset
    • Case Studies
    • The Professional Coach Development Program 4.0
    • Becoming a Coach for Life


    Times are strange right now, but coming out of this Madlab Professional coaches will be the future.


Overview of the Professional Coach Development Program

    • Math & Fundamentals for Coaches
    • Junior Apprentice Program
    • Senior Apprentice Program

Madlab’s Professional Coach Diploma Program

The professional coach diploma program (MENTORED PCDP 4.0) is the educational process a MadLab coach goes through en route to becoming a professional coach.

It is the result of 15 years of trial and error and collecting data to uncover best practices to develop and retain full-time, career coaches, who consistently earn a professional wage ($80,000 +) working less than 30 on-floor coaching hours.

The PCDP 4.0 is broken into 3 phases:

  1. Junior Apprentice
  2. Senior Apprentice
  3. Associate Coach

Each part of the process involves one-on-one mentorship, online coursework, and practical, hands-on coaching education. Once prerequisites are met, the coach graduates to the next level of the program.

Junior Apprentice Program

During this 6 month program, coaches are introduced to working with clients in a one-on-one environment. Coaches will start to work with their own clients at the fundamentals level and begin to learn group class coaching skills.

Junior apprentices have online bi-weekly meetings with their mentor coach, who gives them various homework to complete each week. Meanwhile, at the gym, they shadow three classes per week, as well as personal training sessions. They also devote time to lead development, technical development, and completing various modules in the online school.

They start to develop skills to individualize programming during fundamentals so they can effectively transition their clients into group classes and hybrid memberships.

Junior Apprentices start earning a percentage of revenue on their clients (20 percent on personal training and hybrid memberships), and 30 percent if the client is a coach generated lead. Further, it is expected that by the end of this part of the program, they have a 65 percent first-day close rate, and that at least 75 percent of their graduates carry on to hybrid memberships.

JA Program Overview:

Graduation Requirements:
    1. 80% attendance for all Meetings – Recordings will be provided
    2. Completion of all Online Courses (JA and Rainmaker)
    3. Pass both exams at the end of the Course (Group and Written)
    4. Have 10 Clients in Tribe at the conclusion of the course


    Coaches will acquire all the skills necessary to become a Coach For Life and be able to grow their Tribe over the long term.

    Throughout the online courses, coaches will learn the “hard skills”. These are the skills needed to be able to coach in a class setting and personal training sessions.

    These courses include:

    •           Exercise Science
    •           Anatomy and Physiology
    •           Nutrition
    •           Teaching Movements to Individuals (Group and PT)
    •           Energy Systems
    •           Coaching Cues

    During our Online Zoom meetings, we will discuss and learn all the “Soft Skills”. In conjunction with online courses, the Rainmaker sales course, and all the Junior Apprentice meetings, we teach all the off-the-floor skills necessary for a Coach to build, manage and retain their Tribe for the long term. The topics we discuss include:

    1. The Client Development Process
      1. First Point of Contact
      2. Day 1 Evaluation
      3. 3 Day Assessment
      4. Fundamentals
      5. Hybrid Memberships
      6. Long Term Retention
      7. Referrals
    2. Retention:
      1. Building the habits needed so no one slips through the cracks
      2. Follows ups/Check-Ins
      3. Tracking Clients using Trello
      4. Staying Organized
      5. Building your Schedule
      6. Conducting Hybrid Sessions
      7. Goal Setting
    3. Maintaining Relationships:
      1. Building a Tribe of your “Ideal Clients”
      2. Setting Boundaries
      3. Setting Expectations
      4. Helping Clients build healthy habits outside the gym
      5. Helping Clients solve Problems
      6. Connecting your Clients to the Community
Senior Apprentice Program:

During this 12-24 month period, coaches will develop a deeper understanding of sales, marketing, and retention. They continue to meet with their mentor coach, work on homework assignments, and focus on building their tribe of clients.

Coaches focus on building their book of clients and servicing their current ones to ensure client retention remains well above 80 percent. They also start to master prehab/rehab concepts, as well as marketing techniques and they begin to develop their own specialty programs and run community events.

They will begin leading group classes (6-8 per week) and start to earn 30 percent of the revenue they generate from their clients, and 40 percent if the client is a coach generated lead.

Their target revenue for three consistent months must = 30 *BMM + (10 * PT * 4.3), or $9000 in gross revenue per month.

Senior Apprentice Program Overview:

  1. 1-3 Years
  2. 1 Online Zoom Meeting every 2 weeks
  3. Hybrid of Online Courses and Zoom Meetings
  4. Bi-Weekly Homework Assignments
  5. Monthly Numbers Check
  6. Monthly Rainmaker Meeting with Greg Mack
  7. The course can be repeated until Graduation targets are met

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Coach has over 40 clients in Tribe
  2. Coach has designed and implemented a Specialty Program
  3. Coach shows the ability to bring in their own Referrals
  4. The retention target is over 80%
  5. Minimum 7 classes and 10-15 PT sessions per week
  6. Pass Senior Apprentice Exam

Course Details:

The Senior Apprentice Program is designed for the Coach to take what they learned in the JA program and work on becoming a professional Coach For Life. The focus of the program is an emphasis on different phases: Growth, Reach and Reputation, Retention, Lead and Referral Generation, Developing Specialty Programs, Local Business Relationships

  1. Business Growth
    1. Ability to sustain growth each month
    2. Minimum 4 Day 1 Evals booked per month
    3. Close Rate of over 80%
  2. Reach and Reputation
    1. Weekly Social Media posts/stories/videos
    2. Share Clients stories/testimonials
    3. Building your individual brand as a Coach For Life
  3. Retention
    1. Maintain over 80% Retention
    2. Tracking Clients data/attendance
    3. Holding your Clients accountable
    4. Hybrid Sessions
    5. Goal Setting
    6. Connecting to the Community
    7. Community Outings
  4. Lead and Referral Generating
    1. Ability to bring in leads and prospects from outside the gym
    2. Educating Clients on bringing in their friends/family/co-workers
    3. Creating a prospect pipeline
    4. Coaches should be bringing in more referrals than getting house leads
    5. Pulling prospects from Social Media Marketing
    6. Developing Relationships in the local Community
  5. Developing Specialty Programs
    1. Ability to design and implement and Specialty Program
    2. Caters to Coaches Strengths
    3. Create extra Revenue Streams
    4. How to Market a Specialty Program
    5. How to grow the program over the long term
  6. Local Business Relationships
    1. Creating long-lasting relationships with businesses in the Community
    2. Like-minded business (Physio/Chiro/Recovery)
    3. Referral Loop of sending and receiving Clients
    4. Using each other’s Reach and Reputation in the Community to Market each other’s Services
Associate Coach Overview:

To graduate to become an associate coach, the Senior Apprentice must pass an in-person graduation exam.

They are also expected to bring in one new client per week during this time, and must consistently generate $13,000 in monthly gross revenue (or 50 BMM + (10* PT * 4.3). They should also have a specialty program that generates a minimum of $3,000 each quarter. Finally, a minimum of 40 percent of their clients must come from referrals.

At this point, the coach is effectively a professional coach with a book of clients that consistently earn them a professional wage.

They coach 7 to 10 group classes per week, their own specialty program, and personal training/fundamentals clients (17-25 total hours per week on the floor), with the rest of their time being spent on coach retention, programming, marketing, sales, and ongoing technical development.

They earn 40 percent of the revenue they generate, and 50 percent of any coach generated leads.

After one year of being an associate coach, a full-time coach should have 60-100 clients, be generating 80* BMM + (10 * PT * 4.3) or $15,000 in revenue each month, plus $2,000-$5,000 in specialty programs or personal training clients. Finally, 40 percent of their clients should come from referrals.