Profit First- Clockwork (Ep 05)

Shannon and GG discuss time and organization as a resource. They talk about the book Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz and how it can be used to improve organizational efficiency.

02:22 Topic- Clockwork/ Organizational efficiency

03:34 Madlab is the clockwork group for the fitness industry

04:44 Take a four-week vacation from your business

05:53 Allowing your business to take too much of your time

06:49 A clockwork business is a Madlab 3rd seal business

09:30 The book is full of practical steps

10:32 Being able to see the forest through the trees

12:32 10% of money and time should be set aside for growth and development of the company

14:25 Finding the people to fill in the gaps

15:49 You get to choose what you want to do or work on

18:14 Have proper internal business infrastructure

19:04 Implementing profit first and clockwork systems

20:27 Figure out your vision and the Queen B role

22:07 Being flexible, what is the role of the GM?

24:25 80% doing, 2% deciding, 8% delegating and 10% designing

27:00 Wrap Up


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