Profit First Show- Ep 01

In this episode of Profit First GG and Shannon discuss the importance of and implementing profit first into your business

3:43 Talking about Vacation – about a job that offers paid vacation

4:58 How to setup your business to offer paid vacation to employees

6:40 How MadLab can afford to have their employees a paid vacation

7:40 Intro to Profit First – The approach as a MadLab owner on how to setup for employees to get paid vacation

8:17 Talking about Personal Side of Profit First

10:44 As a business owner, how to introduce employees to Profit First

14:08 As a gym owner – Having Profit First offered to clients / employees

16:27 Conversation with employees about their goals

20:15 MadLab Mentorship Matrix

24:18 As a GM or owner Impact of Scheduling vacation for employees

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