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Scared to “Sell?”

How do you get new customers to sign up for your gym?

Do you dread that awkward silence when it is ‘Decision Time?’

What do you do when your prospect tells you they ‘need to think about it?’

Find a course near you to hear world Renowned Sales Expert Greg Mack present his enrollment system in full!!

Tailored specifically to the fitness industry, Greg will teach you:

  • How to take on the sales persona without fear
  • How to answer ‘How much does it cost?’
  • A Step-by-Step System to qualifying inquiries and prospects
  • What your most valuable resource is
  • How to communicate with anyone so they feel great!
  • To help your prospects tell YOU whether your system is right for you
  • How to protect your self-worth when selling
  • The secret brain programming you can use to take control of any interaction with a client
  • How to build your business with clients that LOVE you and pay TOP DOLLAR for your expertise

You have spent thousands of dollars, and years of your life developing your understanding of the human body and how to train it, sculpt it, rehabilitate it, and keep it safe and functioning correctly.

And your reward? The market views you as a commodity, shops you based on price alone, and doesn’t respect you as a professional.

That can all end. Spend one weekend, learning how to talk with people in your community in such a way that they come to understand the value of how you can potentially help them live the life they dream of. Healthy, active, trim. A life without pain, shame, or limits.

It starts with you. Stop giving your expertise away for free. Value yourself and the investment you’ve made to create the toolbox you can deploy with your clients.

This seminar is not about touchy-feely vague promises. It is about real training about what is stopping you from being a success. It gives you the concrete tools develop and understand your own marketing funnel, and how to take a person through that funnel in a way that:

  • Protects your self-esteem
  • Makes it easy for the prospect to say yes or no without pressure
  • Values your expertise and time as a professional
  • Differentiates you from the competition
  • Develops the perception of value in your ideal client so that you can charge what you are worth!

Sign up today. Seating is limited.


Greg Mack Professional Enrollment Seminar


Greg Mack Professional Enrollment Seminar


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