Shenaye Ebanks Credits Madlab’s Coach for Life Model for Sticking with Fitness

When Shenaye Ebanks showed up at 7 Mile Strength and Fitness in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands in 2017, she was brand new to fitness, and intimidated to say the least. 

“I had no gym experience and I was a newbie to just about everything fitness related,” she said.

Then, she was teamed up with Coach Chris Spigner for her one-on-one fundamentals sessions, and her worries subsided.

“When you’re new to a gym, or new to fitness in general…and scared, having a personal coach is quite significant because they give you hope, and give you the tools and advice that you need to believe in yourself,” said the 27-year-old Ebanks.

Before Ebanks knew it, she was comfortable at the gym and regularly attended group classes. Better yet, the fitness she had gained through working with Spigner started to transfer over to (my) everyday life outside of the gym,” she said. 

But then this summer, Ebanks injured her lower back, and any little movement caused sharp, shooting pains that radiated down her leg “to the point where I was afraid to do basic things, much less exercise,” she said. 

Instead of giving up on the gym like she would have done in the past, she turned to her coach, whom she already had a close relationship with—a coach she trusted. 

She began meeting with Spigner for personal training sessions, and he wrote her an individualized training program to help her continue to work on her fitness and mobility, all the while helping her rehabilitate her back in the process.

“Without him, I would have quit and hung up the exercise hat for sure,” she said, adding that she’s almost back to 100 percent. “He helped me see that movement isn’t something to be afraid of.”

Ebank’s experience being injured in recent weeks solidified to her the value of having a relationship with a full-time career coach, someone who knows her well and will be there for her, to help her navigate whatever’s going on in her life, for years to come.

“Having a personal coach has benefited me because no matter what, there is always someone in my corner…It helped that Chris and I (had) developed a relationship, so when I got injured and I was scared and frustrated that I would no longer be able to do the things that I loved in the gym, it was incredibly easy and comfortable to let Chris know exactly how I was feeling,” she said.

She continued: “I went through a rollercoaster of emotions and it was my relationship with Chris and the coach for life model that allowed us to have that relationship, that allowed me to keep moving, despite my own fears and apprehensions. It was him that gave me hope that not everything was lost. I think this is really special and I have never been more grateful for him or for 7 Mile than I have been during this season of my life.”

“I don’t think I could find that kind of coach and that kind of community at any other gym. That’s what keeps me going to 7 Mile,” she said. 

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