Connor Martin

Brand X Method and coach at P3 CrossFit in Houston, Tex-as

“I was never able to make a living at any of the other gyms. If I was paid by the hour, I’d had to work split shifts, and when I was paid a salary, I was usually expected to work well beyond the regular hours. (The MadLab model) allows you to have a much more one-on-one impact with your clients because you’re doing much more individual-ized coaching, which in my opinion is the way everyone should be pursuing fitness. If you have coached for any period of time, you probably realize the one size fits all pro-gram doesn’t work. It places a much greater emphasis on coaching prowess and en-courages coaches not only to develop in a business sense, but also to continue to edu-cate themselves to serve their clients better.”

Chris Spigner

Professional coach at 7 Mile Strength and Fitness in Grand Cayman

“(When I was) paid a salary and the gym made more money, I didn’t make more money, and if the gym lost money, the gym still had to pay me. If we got 50 new members, the gym benefited but the coach didn’t, and if we lost 50 members, the gym suffered and I still got paid. It seemed really weird.”

With the MadLab Model:

“Keeping your tribe and building real relationships with clients changes everything be-cause you really have to become a professional coach or you won’t make it…The MadLab system has been invaluable to me. I can’t imagine doing it any other way.”

Elliot Quinones

Owner of CrossFit Deprivation in Phenix City, Alabama

“It was exhausting…Absolutely exhausting trying to run challenges with brand new people in class with no prior experience every few weeks…MadLab’s mission coincides with something that I have been trying to do since I started coaching, which is to create jobs for coaches that want to do this as an actual career and get paid well to do it. I have always seen the massive value in what great trainers do and seeing a company that allows them to get professional wages brings legitimacy to the industry. (It was) some-thing I knew I needed to be part of.”

Mary Hollis

Owner of Caffeinated CrossFit in Mableton, Georgia

“I knew there was a better way to run a gym, but I wasn’t sure how.”

“I never really had a great relationship with the word sales before. I just loved fitness, but I wasn’t super confident in asking for more money. I knew these (clients) shouldn’t be going right into classes and needed extra care and support, but it was a broken model I was working with. The (MadLab) rainmaker (sales) course has helped me be so much more confident in what I’m selling. It ties it all together. It has been life changing. Really, working with Audrey (Patterson) has been incredible.”

Emily Beers

Coach at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2009

“The hybrid gym model has improved my relationships with clients so much. I always know what’s going on with them. In the past, I had a handful of clients who switched to evening classes somewhere along the way, so I rarely coached them and didn’t know what was going on in their lives. I can remember a number of awkward membership renewal conversations, where it felt like I was asking for money from someone I hadn’t coached in a month. This is no longer the case. And on their end, their results are so much better, so my client retention has gone way up and injuries have gone way down.”

Terence Limbert

Former coach and now owner of Forge Valley Fitness in Vernon, B.C.

“This system made me invested (before I owned the gym) and interested in the total success of the gym. If my clients aren’t returning, that’s on me. That’s a pay cut and nobody wants that. The more the gym as a whole thrives, so do I. So do we all: clients, coaches and owner.”

Nathan Corrigal

Owner of Southwest Strength in Melita, Manitoba, who increase his gross monthly revenue by 50 percent in just four months

“Selling personal training has been the best. I used to be scared to (try) because I thought people thought it’s too expensive.”

Trevor Lindwall

Coach at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. since 2006

Would you still be coaching if you were getting paid $35 an hour?

“Not a chance.”

“In this system, if you perform well you get paid. I have always believed in that system.”

Tom Sarosi

Highest grossing coach in MadLab School of Fitness history

“I knew I could make a living doing this the moment I met T-Bear (Trevor Lindwall) and the other coaches at MadLab. I knew they had been doing it for many years and didn’t need to supplement income from other sources.”