Audrey ‘Squad’ PattersonDirector of Implementation

    Audrey ‘Squad’ Patterson has a music background—undergraduate degree in Music Performance—and later she turned her attention to real estate marketing and sales.

    Unfulfilled in real estate, Squad went through our three-year apprentice coach program and found a true passion in coaching at MadLab School of Fitness in Vancouver, B.C. During her time as a coach, she created a not-for-profit organization to benefit youth at risk through fitness.

    In 2012, she became more heavily involved with the MadLab Group (it was bound to happen considering she’s married to our founder), and by 2016 she took on a role as an implementation manager under GG’s guidance. Today, she’s our lead implementation manager, who mentors 60 gyms.

    And as Patty says, “She is the coolest chick in the world.”