The Rainmaker Show- Mork’s Experience with the Rainmaker Course (Ep 12)

Mork joins Greg in this episode of the Rainmaker Show they talk about the struggles Mork has had with the Rainmaker Course.

00:16 The story of the nickname “Mork”

02:10 Fast Track implements the sales tools taught by Greg Mack

03:24 Being a member of the Madlab Business Group

04:37 Mork’s personal struggles with the course material

06:48 Don’t overload persons with too much information

11:11 Tactics and strategies Mork had difficulties with

13:26 Staying on the No or Negative Side of the conversation

17:12 Starting off with the bracketing idea, giving a rough estimate

22:29 Face to face meetings creates a unique dynamic in the decision process

23:43 Using digital platforms to communicate

28:51 Wrap Up


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