Tired of nagging your coaches to clean the rowing machines? The answer: Personal Development for all!

Imagine a coaching team with one coach who spoke only French, another only Italian and another only Mandarin. Meanwhile you’re the only one who speaks fluent English. Communication would be challenging at the best of times.

Now consider this: There’s a good chance that even though you all technically speak English, that you’re communicating and connecting (or not communicating and not connecting) the same way you would  if you were all speaking different languages.

Mic drop!

To understand why I mean, let’s consider the 5 Love Languages. Basically the five love languages explain that different people both give and interpret love in different ways—the five languages being physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, gift-giving and acts of service. If you’re in an intimate relationship with someone and they receive and interpret being loved by receiving gifts, but you show your love through physical touch, chances are unless you learn to communicate with each other, someone’s not going to feel very loved in the relationship…

The point is, half of the battle of understanding people, be it in a relationship or in getting your coaches to comply to your wants and needs as a gym owner, is understanding each other’s language.

Sooo there’s a good chance when you’re hounding them about what needs to be done, they’re just not understanding your language. Like at all.

Seriously, though, how tired are you of trying to get your coaches to clean the rowing machine? To ask for referrals from clients? To get out in the world and bring people in? To take the garbage out. And on. And on. Sometimes it seems like you’re a naggy parent, right?

There’s an answer: Personal development.

A lot of people cringe at the thought, or even think it’s a selfish pursuit. I know my mother rolls her eyes when I talk about it and says, “Personal development is for selfish, screwed up people who are constantly searching for happiness.”

I used to think that, too. But after having done Choices six years ago and the Landmark Forum, more recently and seeing how it has helped me in business and with my relationships, I know it has the ability to strengthen relationships and help my business in the process. Much of this comes down to taking responsibility for your role, and then learning how to communicate with, and better understand the people in your life. As a sidenote, I did the Landmark forum in September and proceeded to have the biggest month financially coaching in October that I’d had in three years. I would argue it has helped me not just communicate with my colleagues, but also with my clients and prospects.

More than anything, though, if you and the people in your life all do some kind of personal development, it will go a long way in getting your communication on point to the point where you’re actually speaking the same language, where you understand where you’re all coming from, and where you can move forward together as a cohesive team.

Tired of beating your head against the wall once a week during coaches meetings? Give some personal development some thought: You first and then your coaches.



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